Crisis management

In the restructuring process, especially companies in the aviation industry are very often faced with the problem that administrators, interim managers, insolvency trustees, consultants or even CEOs are not familiar with options in the compliance demonstration with the aviation regulations. Many companies do even lose their company approvals because of restructuring which did not comply with the regulations. If you feel that you need support or an independent opinion, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer:

  • Takeover of positions which are required by the aviation legislation on a interim basis, such as Airworthiness, Compliance Verification Engineer, Head of Design Organization, Head of Production Organization, Head of Maintenance Organization, Head of Training Organization, Quality Management, Accountable Manager
  • Partnering in the restructuring process of your company, M & A of companies in the aviation industry, insolvency proceedings, support for the technical part of IDW S6 expertise